Project Grizzly EP

by Project Grizzly

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Project Grizzly is the collaboration of two songwriters, producer Kazma Attack and lyricist Doc Prop. Originally from New York and the San Francisco Bay Area, both members now reside in Los Angeles. This is their first project together.


released June 1, 2016

All tracks:

Written and produced by Kazma Attack & Doc Prop
Mixed by Alex Kazenoff
Mastered by Will Borza

Artwork by Marc Nolan



all rights reserved


Project Grizzly Los Angeles, California

Kazma Attack & Doc Prop

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Track Name: Non-Existent
V1: He be that, bad guy mad fly, in the fit outta sight taking flight like a magpie, blink once and he mad high, and you mad why? Cuz you cant fly--breaker breaker 1-9, standby--Better yet just stand behind-you front, im front of the line-MCs crushed like one at a time.
One of a kind-yo kid run and go hide-more than some of the time--ya im rushing your lucheon and crushing your function the fun be in plundering minds, thunderous rhymes, crashing with a fashion of numbing your spine, Outlasting action, im hacking to tap into your, confides and disrupt time

Cant stop us, on a mission
Crush your dreams, stomp your vision
Your image is not consistent, so the fucks i give are like non existent
Non existent, out to lunch man, gone fishing
Your image is not consistent, so the fucks i give are like non existent
Whered they go? cant find em some off the grid shit
Your image is not consistent so the fucks i give are like non Existent

V2: these pests get pissed cuz they pesismistic-the opposite of optimistic--miss me with that fradulent shit--cuz your mrs is fond of this kid.
On this dick shell be singing this song and shit, talking bout, her man cant please her he fondles it, thats when i give it to her long and thick.
I poke the thigh but jokes aside, im living life rough like id love to die, but when you living life tough aint no love inside, got to pick yourself up when the love runs dry. Like a desert cactus, rap? better practice cuz its all smoke and mirrors like a hat trick or meeting up with a fat bitch catfish, catch this!
Track Name: Body Snatchers
Slice, and dice emcees like
Chef, Boyardee
Put your face on the back of my face, Mordrake & Moriarty
We be, doc and the robot hot when the flows drop
We're body snatchers, take your soul, fuck your chain and your gold watch

I got that fever man, got me seeing thangs--feeling strange, seeing double, you dont want to see these fangs, believe it man.
I mean the trouble's here to bring the pain, and if you in the game, better run and hide from the mic i might go psycho shit is fit to change.
I strangle vocal chords with the strength of an Anaconda, my fleet's the size the Spanish Armada our plan's to conquer the concepts you fond of and ban the band you follow, strike panic! Then vanish like Hoffa, or the, phantom of the opera, ima..
Soul snatching, bone snapping, boat crashing, tidal wave splashing down with sound waves, call me old fashioned. My co captain-clapping making toe tappings happen, i rarely be caught relaxing, up late crafting contraptions.
Like where the body at? Rolled snug in a rug in the trunk of a pontiac-with a brick up on the gas-zip off the side of the cliff as i piss upon the ash. And thats us playing nice, dont make us say it twice, well come and snatch you outta your bed at night and put your head up in a vice..
Track Name: Distorted Omen
I'll wait it out alone, feel you ache in my bones
I'll fade into unknown, let me carry you home

V1: The best of this message will press impressions upon investments/
contestants left to stress from the wreck of impressive effervescence/
I'll take it or leave it/aching my knees when I wake & my waiting is frequent/slaving to eat, like hey kid! stay here and wade in the deep end/
Dear God, pray for the heathens/
bear claws, sinking their teeth in/
the pain and the feeling/
when you depart, i watch your plane when it's leaving/
girl, just stay for the weekend/
savor the seasons, our world, i lie here one eye open hoping you return this evening/

BR: I sleep with one eye
open with hope for one guy
sulking in a broken sunshine
soaking in a frozen low tide

I confide in low end (no high)
seeking to no end (no find)
enormous ocean (of my)
distorted omen (lo fi)

V2: Trying to wade in the wake of a wave a slave whos brave and treading water/
Spreading my blotter like butter in hopes of getting hotter/
During my search and my journey sifting through dirt and fodder/
Unearth the answer buried deep within the hurt and bother/
Solder together a new heart from fragmentation/
Sad and displaced but still muster up a laugh and facelift/
People they come and go and leave you with a new perspective/
This expedition through life, nothing short of impressive/
Track Name: Grizzle
Yes we grizzle as fuck
Simple enough
drizzle it up
Not giving a...
Never giving a (grrrupppp)

V1: We're in between black and white, hit your grey matter watch your brain splatter, like sacrifice, Aint asking twice, wear a mask on the back of my passive life, so when i tap the lights, all you see is a beam thats flashing bright, aint Casper nice--why making a living when you can be giving into the system, my mad advice! (Ha)
I see right through you, believe im cuckoo,
Retrieve the voodoo, from my sleeve and feed it to you, i think one blink might do you,
The Alpha/Zulu, Beta-carotine, i save it for the snare and kerosene, my statement's how i tear the beat!

V2: Got A sneer and grin, from ear to Chin, aint here to win, just here to take your place and then,
Erase your face from our native kin, dont say the fifth
I, wont plead it, dont need it- never conceded defeat im just leaving the meeting with meaning i mean im stealing your freedom,
I mean taking confessions,
I mean making expressions, i feed,
On everyday lessons stressing the mic ive invested in,
So if you test the kid inspect a lesson in dissecting in-sects, blessing these messages with exceptional vestiges

OUTRO: OOOOOooooooooo, it's simple enough..
Track Name: Oasis
Got two fingers in the air but they aint quotations,
Trying to peace out and vacate this matrix.
You can keep your rotations
Find me on the road finding an oasis

V1: I raise a glass to the weary-
This is for my folks-that always come hear me
Now im project grizzly--looking so sickly fans wont come near me.
But im staying on busy, headstrong no dizzy, nights long but the song keeps from 51.50
A minor 2nd down to 49, write a message when it's Recording time.

V2: The tippy top it's a tall climb
I rigged the hall up with wall mines
I sit back not it's all mine
Posted in the green room waiting on the call time
My next of kin they play this
Took a hiatus
now im back, Hi, hate this!
Better yet hate us, better yet save up, better yet play dumb, better yet play dead, better yet lay in red, better yet just stay in bed.
Cuz they sleeping on this, the oasis it brings a meaningful pitch. A meaningful bliss, On the dawn of apocalypse, laying staring at the stars waiting until Apophis hits.
You see i found my oasis, buried deep within the city's where the foundation is
Track Name: Lab Rats
We 2 lab rats, slap with the fat tracks, on point with the mad facts,
Who knew? Ya'll better act fast,
Or get caught in the sand trap.
We 2 lab rats, slap with the fat tracks, on point with the mad facts,
Who knew? Hey you going to pass that,
Homie got cash? Let me grab that-

(Because we're) Running around in a maze
Running around in a maze of insanity

V1: We come thru with sav tactics-
Match this? Dont make me laugh bitch-
It takes practice to have what we have and its not swag or a jag or A fat stack stuffed under the mattress.
It takes massive heart to depart from the masses, take flight and be gone with a flash and while your songs gets thrown in the trash bin asking tocome home and just pack up your bags and just go away,
My flows insane, they get pressed then get shipped like a stowaway-
There aint no delay, i write four a day,
you just a cold ass bitch-I think it snowed today.
HA! The game's to be sold, aint no asking price-stampede and flatten mice--come up and try and snatch the mic, that's a one way ticket to the afterlife!

V2: We go pinky brain, see me tame, i dont think so do you see these veins? I dont blink slow never miss the game, damn im so hot i be pissing flames!'s a victim stickem hit em with a rhythm Give em intent to schizm spasm fathom phantoms Nick's insane!
Idk, lol.. My DJ going to spell the belt, up in the stars, Orion knows.. You so fly? No, i am though! Find the gold, X marks the spot--lab rats grab at Bark & block--go start your clock, cuz we in a maze--Not going to stop till the end of days!